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The Bob Guge Benefit Fund

Bob was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer this past November. This type of cancer is incurable, and the doctors have given 18-24 months. But, as we all know, God is in control! When Bob’s family heard the news, his children rallied together to find a way to help ease his burden, and give back to the man who has given them so much.

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With this type of cancer, treatment is ongoing, and costly. Bob has chosen to receive treatment at Northwestern Hospital here in Chicago. Although they offer the best care, the fact that Bob has had to travel downtown daily is a great expense. With the radiation portion of the treatment now ending, he will no longer need to go daily, but will still need to make regular visits.

As anyone who has had a serious illness knows, the cost of medications, doctor’s appointments, and diagnostic testing can be exorbitant. Being self-employed has not offered the opportunity for the best possible insurance, and Bob’s out of pocket expenses are taking a toll.

The Bob Guge Benefit will be held in March to help raise money to pay some of the costs associated with Bob’s medical journey. It will be used to pay for what insurance doesn’t cover. It will also be used to help with transportation to and from the hospital, as Bob cannot drive himself he has had friends and family volunteer. The cost of gas and parking can really add up quickly, and the family feels that it is important to help those who are volunteering their time for Bob.

Please take time to look at the blog and maybe even post a comment, note of encouragement, or funny story.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site. Bob and the entire Guge family feel so blessed to know that so many people are praying and supporting him!

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The Bob Guge Benefit Fund
801 Silverstone Dr. Carpentersville, IL 60110

If you would like to give in any other way that is not financial, please call Laura Guge at 630-400-2444.

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